2 minutes done

I presented a 2 minute-pitch on the development of therapeutics for Wolfram syndrome yesterday. I did my best and had no regret. Stephanie Snow Gebel, Chairman of the Board of the Snow Foundation, attended my session. I really appreciated her support. There were six judges in front of me. I tried my best. 50 people presented pitches, and only 10 people will advance to the 2nd stage. All I can do right now is to pray.

After the session, we had a reception. I got to know many people who could potentially help us. What I found was that many people started recognizing my work on Wolfram and my partnership with the Snow Foundation in the St. Louis community. Almost all the people in the office of technology management and developmental office at Washington University know about me and Stephanie now, and it seems like that they are trying to help us. I feel that something wonderful is going to happen to us soon. We are close to the tipping point.

Thank you so much for your emails. I always appreciate your continued support.

Take care,