Are we underdogs, yes we are.

I am an underdog. I am a physician originally from a foreign country. Unexpectedly, I was recruited as an endowed professor at the prominent medical center in the US. I understand that not everyone is happy about it. However, I feel that a higher power gave me a chance to make a difference on this planet. I want to develop novel treatments for Wolfram syndrome and bring these to our patients as soon as possible. Wolfram is an ultra rare disease, but we have many scientific reasons to believe that a cure for Wolfram may lead to a cure for diabetes and potentially retinal diseases. Now we have two potential treatments. We need money to test the efficacy of these two potential treatments. I will keep on trying to bring these treatments to our patients. Not everyone may not supportive, but I will keep on trying. Stephanie Snow Gebel, Saad Naseer, and I were on the cover of local magazine. We are underdogs, but will keep on trying because we want to decrease human suffering.

I always appreciate your support. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Warmest regards,

Fumi Urano