Tomorrow is already a day late

My major focus is to develop treatments and provide a cure for Wolfram syndrome. Because Wolfram is a prototype of ER stress-related disease, I am running projects related to other ER stress-related diseases, Type 1 diabetes and ALS, on the side because I can learn new things and come up with new ideas. I often […]

Thank you for your encouragement.

I have received many emails and FB messages in the past few days. It was certainly devastating that we could not get support from the Bear Cub Funds of the Washington University, but we should move on. One of the major reasons we did not get support this time was that Wolfram is an ultra […]

Partnership with our patients

What is important to develop new treatments and achieve a cure for Wolfram syndrome? “Partnership with our patients”  We should know what our patients need and want, and our patients and their families and supporters should know and understand our strategies and plans. To achieve a cure, we need to work as a team and create […]

We did not get the Bear Cub Fund, but please don’t worry

I received many emails regarding the status of my application for the Bear Cub Funds from Washington University. Although I was one of the finalists, I did not get the fund. I apologize for not getting this fund to complete the preclinical study and set up a clinical trial for Wolfram syndrome. When I heard […]

Renovation of an old drug

One of the exciting things that were offered during our visit to NIH, NCATS, was to renovate old drugs and make them more specific for Wolfram syndrome and other endoplasmic reticulum-related diseases. We have identified three FDA-approved drugs that can potentially delay the progression of Wolfram syndrome. These drugs were originally designed and indicated for […]

Our visit to NIH was fruitful!

Stephanie Snow Gebel, the founder of the Snow Foundation, and I visited NIH, National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences, yesterday. Our visit to NIH was quite fruitful. I learned a lot about the NIH’s efforts on developing novel treatments for rare diseases. I met with Dr. Christopher Austin’s team and discussed our potential collaboration on Wolfram […]

Ready for my presentations at NIH

I will give two presentations at NIH tomorrow, 1) Endoplasmic Reticulum Disease Center and 2) Wolfram Syndrome Clinical Trials and Drug development. I am ready for these two presentations. I will do my best to get support from NIH to develop novel treatments for Wolfram syndrome and related disorders, and bring these treatments to our […]

Precision medicine and rare disease

Dr. Francis Collins is a renowned physician scientist, Director of National Institutes of Health, and my role model. I was watching his interview by Dr. Eric Topol last night, and came up with multiple ideas. Visit Site Based on the technologies available for us including genome sequencing, we can potentially figure out molecular wiring […]

Update from Tokyo, Japan 2

I was interviewed by editors of “Resident Notes”, a journal for young doctors, today. I thought it was a great opportunity for me to raise awareness of Wolfram syndrome in young physicians. So I mainly talked about Wolfram syndrome. I explained them why I started working on Wolfram, told them about the disease, and emphasized […]