Collaboration with engineers and surgeons

To develop novel treatment for chronic diseases, including Wolfram syndrome and diabetes, I feel that I need to develop a strong collaboration with engineers and surgeons. For example, we may be able to develop genetically-modified neural progenitor cells that are resistant to ER stress. We may need to put these cells into a device and transplant a device to a patient. To develop a device, we need to work with engineers. To transplant a device or cells, we need to work with surgeons. Pathologists, medical geneticists, or internists like myself are not trained to do surgeries. So we need to work with transplant surgeons and/or neurosurgeons. So I am working on this. My immediate goal is to develop a pill to delay the progression of Wolfram syndrome, and we need to prepare for the next step at the same time.

You may like this video. eSight is a biotech developing electronic glasses that enable the legally blind to see.

Thank you for reading my blog. I will hear about the result of my pitch tomorrow. I hope higher power will support us to help our patients.

Take care,

Fumi Urano