Living proof – Dr. Dennis Slamon’s tenacity

Dr. Dennis Slamon is a renowned physician scientist who developed a revolutionary cancer drug, Herceptin. His research transformed the field of cancer research and helped many patients with breast cancer. His concept, targeting a specific receptor to stop the tumor growth, is widely used in developing treatments for different types of cancer now.

I recently learned that DR. SLAMON’S RESEARCH WAS NOT FUNDED BY ANYONE FOR A WHILE although his idea was novel. However, philanthropists including Mr. Pereleman, started supporting Dr. Slamon’s research. Eventually, his research was funded by many sources and he could finally develop Herceptin which was approved by FDA.

It has not been easy to get funds for developing treatments for Wolfram syndrome and other rare diseases. However, we should emulate Dr. Slamon’s tenacity. There is a movie describing his story, Living Proof. Harry Connick Jr played a role of Dr. Slamon.

Thank you for reading this blog. I will be tenacious like Dr. Slamon.

Take care,

Fumi Urano