Making steady progress

Three things are always on my mind: 1) Improve Clinical Care, 2) Raise Awareness, and 3) Provide a Cure for Wolfram syndrome. Our current focus is to “repurpose” one of FDA-approved drugs for the treatment of patients with Wolfram syndrome. We have been making steady progress on this, and things are looking good at the moment. We are carefully testing one of the top candidates in our animal models of Wolfram syndrome.

We are also working on “Regenerative Therapeutics.” As I mentioned before, we created “Neurorestorative Therapy Group” with neurosurgeons in our hospital. They are smart and motivated.

We have a big plan to improve a clinical care of our patients with the Snow Foundation. Please stay in touch.

Thank you for reading my blog. I always appreciate your encouragement and support. Have a nice weekend.

Take care,
Fumi Urano