Regenerative medicine and regenerative therapy

Regenerative Medicine and Regenerative Therapy are the same concepts. Regenerative Therapy focuses on the clinical application of regenerative medicine. Regenerative therapy aims at growing tissues and organs from stem cells derived from patients in the laboratory and implanting them to patients.

When we establish our ER disease clinic, we should include “regenerative therapy” into our platform in addition to endocrinology, neurology, and genetics.

We have established more than 100 stem cell lines from Wolfram patients. We are currently differentiating them into eye cells and brain cells. There are many ongoing clinical trails using stem cells. My goal is to join them as soon as possible. There are many hurdles and challenges, and we need to solve them one by one.

Clinical Trials Stem Cells

Image By Ryddragyn at en.wikipedia [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons