Step by step

Three things are always on my mind, Raise Awareness, Improve Clinical Care, and Provide a Cure for Wolfram syndrome. There are multiple hurdles that need to be cleared. We should be persistent and tenacious.

I just sent out one document to the FDA related to one of our candidate drugs for Wolfram syndrome. Several people of our Institute of Clinical and Translational Sciences helped me prepare the document. They were so helpful and compassionate. Karen, who did a lot for preparing this document, used to work with late Dr. Alan Permutt to set up the foot care clinic for diabetes patients at our medical center. I took over Dr. Permutt’s program on Wolfram a few years ago. She also worked with late Dr. Paul Lacy to set up the islet transplantation program. So I felt something wonderful was going to happen.

Thank you for reading this blog. I am quite hopeful now. There will be many important meetings in the next 10 days. I feel that something wonderful is going to happen to us soon.

Warmest regards,

Fumi Urano