Thank you, thank you, thank you for your support

I receive many emails and phone calls from patients with genetic disorders, including Wolfram syndrome, and diabetes. Most of them have questions related to their conditions. I also receive thank-you letters. I appreciate all of these emails, phone calls, and letters. I always learn some thing out of these.

Our therapeutic development is largely supported by donations from patient organizations, patients, and their family members and friends.The Jack and JT Snow Foundation has been supporting my team since I joined Washington University Medical Center in 2012. Recently the Ellie White Foundation has started supporting my team. The team Alejandro and the team Ian also started supporting us. I also receive individual donations all the time. Patient organizations in the US and UK are raising awareness. I cannot thank you enough. I feel grateful.

I readthe blog written by Lauren, one of our patients, yesterday and was struck by that. I hope you will read this.

Thank you for your support. I feel grateful. Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you.
Take care,
Fumi Urano