The last advice from late Dr. Alan Permutt

Alan Permutt, MD

I talked about medicine and DNA too much in the past several days. So let’s take a break and talk about Dr. Permutt.

As many of you know, I took over Dr. Alan Permutt’s research program on Wolfram syndrome two years ago. I believe that it was controversial that a young foreign physician would take over Dr. Permutt’s position. As I mentioned in my previous blogs, I was leaving research when Dr. Permutt asked me to come to Washington University. So I talked with him many, many times before I made a decision. He assured me that other Washington University doctors, including Dr. Semenkovich, Dr. Fraser, Dr. Hershey, Dr. Marshall, Dr. White and others, would help me. He also told me that the Snow Foundation would support me. What he told me was all true. All the doctors have been supportive and helping me a lot, which I always appreciate. The support from the Snow foundation is enormous. I always feel that our higher power lets us work together.

The last advice from Dr. Permutt was the following.

“Fumi, All of my colleagues will help you. Just trust them. You will take us to the next level, and all of your new colleagues will help you.”

I see a big smile in your face! I hope you will have the best day in your life. I am sending kind thoughts towards you!