UK Day 1 at the University of Birmingham Medical Center

Our day 1 at UK was quite fruitful. We left London early in the morning and drove to the University of Birmingham Medical Centre. Paul Lynch and Alan Nye from Wolfram UK picked up my colleague and friend, Stephanie Snow Gebel, and my self in London and drove to Birmingham three hours for us. At Birmingham, we met with Dr. Barrett and his team, and Virginie Picard from French Wolfram Association. I gave a lecture there and received many constructive questions.

We then moved to Birmingham Children’s Hospital and further discussed our potential interventional studies. After those meetings, we moved to Northampton to attend the Wolfram UK information day. We met with Tracy Lynch, an organizer of the meeting, and other board members of Wolfram UK. It was a long day, but quite fruitful. Thank you all for your dedication.

Thank you for reading this blog. I will talk to you more about these meetings.


Fumi Urano