We have joined the Global Rare Disease Registry Program of NIH/NCATS

I have some good news to share with you. We have just joined the Global Rare Disease Registry Program of the National Institutes of Health (NIH)/National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS). Dr. Austin, Director of NCATS, and Dr. McInnes, Director of the Office of Rare Disease Research, helped me to make this happen. Dr. Yaffa Rubinstein who is leading this program is a wonderful person. I will work with Dr. Rubinstein to make this program successful. If you know anyone who has an abnormal form of type 1 diabetes, please ask him/her to contact me. https://wolframsyndrome.dom.wustl.edu/

I started our Wolfram syndrome International Registry with late Dr. Alan Permutt in 2009 when I was a faculty member at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. I presented my idea at the executive committee meeting of the diabetes center. Dr. David Harlan and other committee members offered help and the registry was established at Washington University. It was 6 years ago, and I did not expect that I would take over the registry then.

The registry led to the creation of the research clinic. I hope we can expand our clinic and create the consultation clinic. I hope we can create the Wolfram clinics all over the world. The Snow Foundation and our medical center have been supportive. I will keep on moving forward. The clinics help patients. To save patients, we need novel treatments. I will keep on moving forward.

I feel so grateful today. To achieve a cure for Wolfram is challenging. We need to recruit the smartest investigators and raise funds to make this happen.

Looking forward with fingers crossed,

Fumi Urano