Wolfram Night at Busch Stadium Thank you, Cardinals and SF Giants!

Dr. Urano Pitching
Dr. Urano Pitching

We had a wonderful night at Busch Stadium raising awareness for Wolfram syndrome together with the  on Monday, August 17th. Raquel Gebel, our patient with Wolfram syndrome, and I got to throw out the 1st Pitch before the Cardinals took the field. Raquel did a wonderful job. I would like to thank all the people who came to the game and supported our quest for a cure for Wolfram syndrome. Our goal is to complete our preclinical studies and bring our new drugs to our patients. We are trying to raise 2 million dollars right now.

Busch Stadium

Dr. Saad Naseer, CEO/CMO of the Snow Foundation, and Mrs. Stephanie Snow Gebel, Chairman of the Board of the Snow Foundation, also appreciate your support.

Dr. Urano pitching

Thank you again for your support.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

With many thanks,

Fumi Urano