Welcome to the Wolfram syndrome website at Washington University Medical Campus in St. Louis, Missouri. This website is for patients living with Wolfram syndrome and their families and physicians who care for patients with Wolfram syndrome.

Genetic testing for Wolfram syndrome

Genetic testing is available for patients suspected to have Wolfram syndrome by clinically validated next-generation gene sequencing. 

Patient Care

Patient care

We work with specialists who are familiar with medical conditions related to Wolfram syndrome.



The ultimate goal of our research is to find a cure for Wolfram syndrome, a rare genetic form of diabetes.

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Consultation services

To refer patients and family members of all ages with or suspected to have Wolfram syndrome or WFS1-related disorders for genetic evaluations and personalized management plans.

Fumihiko Urano, MD, Medicine, Medical Genetics

Call 314-362-3500 (clinic appointment), 314-273-3780 (international patients), or 314-747-3294 (if interested in participating in the research)
Email WolframSyndrome@wustl.edu

To refer pediatric patients:

Bess Marshall, MD, Pediatric Endocrinology

Call 314-454-6051

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Browse physicians who see patients with Wolfram syndrome in different sates and countries

These doctors are our collaborators.

Genetic testing

We offer genetic testing services and educational information about Wolfram Syndrome through this website. We are also collecting medical records, DNA samples, and biological samples (blood and urine) from patients and their family members to identify disease-progression biomarkers and drug targets for designing therapeutic trials.

To register or if you have any questions regarding Wolfram syndrome and genetic testing:

Email (urano@wustl.edu)

Call 314-362-8683