I want you to read this because

As I mentioned before, we have started a new and important initiative, a stem cell and biologics therapy group. Physicians at the Barnes-Jewish Hospital get together and discuss how we transplant/inject stem cell-derived cells and trophic factors/new drugs to our patients. I attended the meeting and felt empowered. When I came back to my office, I saw the blog written by Lauren who has been fighting with Wolfram syndrome. I really want you to read this. You learn something out of it. You may learn about the challenges she is facing or you may feel grateful for what you have now. It takes just one minute to read it, and you will be a better human being. Her blog is not sad. It is filled with humor, her desire to enjoy life, and HOPE to get better.

Thank you for reading my blog. I always appreciate your support, help, and encouragement.

Take care my friends and enjoy your weekend,

Fumi Urano