Wolfram Research Clinic Day 1: Biomarker???

Wolfram research clinic is ongoing and our patients are going through many tests. At this year’s clinic, we are collecting blood samples from not only patients but also their parents and siblings. Why? The reason is we plan to measure “BIOMARKER” levels in these samples.

What is a biomarker? A biomarker is a molecule found in blood or tissues that is a sign of a disease. We found two candidate biomarkers for Wolfram syndrome. The levels of these biomarkers are higher in patients’ blood samples than in non-patients’ blood samples. These biomarkers can be used to see how patients respond to a treatment.

Here is an example. Blue: Patients, Red: Non-Patients

higher biomarkers in patients

Here is another one. 1: Non-Patients, 2: Patients, 3: Patients after a treatment

biomarker levels